Should You Get Liposuction Before Losing Weight?

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Losing weight can be a tough, tricky prospect. But it doesn't have to be, and we're here to help you make it as simple, painless, and effective as possible. We understand that exercise and eating right may not always give you desired results. And stubborn pockets of fat may stick around despite our best efforts. If you live near Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, or Costa Mesa, CA, contact us today at Luminary MD to help end the frustration and enjoy a long-lasting body transformation.

Stop struggling with ineffective diets and exercise plans and get professional help for professional results

Best yet, you don't have to suffer for these results. Our time-tested, clinically-backed laser-assisted liposuction technique is performed while you're wide awake and causes virtually no pain or discomfort. Since the fat is treated via laser, it's much easier to remove. Plus, this gentle procedure creates very little bruising, is minimally invasive, and does not require much downtime in Mission Viejo, CA.

Additionally, the BeautiFill® technology by Alma helps take your look to the next level by doing what its name implies: beautifully filling the parts of the body that have lost volume. Volume loss occurs for various reasons, including aging and previous weight loss. And as it progresses, it makes our faces, hands, and other parts begin to look empty, sunken, and generally less appealing. But a BeautiFill laser-assisted fat transfer has your back (literally). It utilizes safe, effective laser technology to harvest live fat cells and transfer them to the face, hands, etc., that could use a revitalizing, youthful boost. Plus, whichever area supplies the fat (chest, stomach, hips, back, limbs, or whatever else troubles you) will quickly become leaner and lovelier.

A medical weight loss plan and fat-shredding medications and supplements give you a major slimming advantage

To amplify and maintain your head-turning results, we also recommend a medical weight loss plan. A laser lipo procedure can give you game-changing effects, though for your overall health and long-term outcome, it's best to stick to a sustainable, healthful plan for eating and exercising, which we'd love to formulate just for you, so you can enjoy long-lasting results.

We want to show you that weight loss doesn't have to be torturous or dreadful. So we'll work with you and your lifestyle factors, medical status, history, as well as all your likes and dislikes when tailoring your weight loss plan. After all, we don't want to stick anyone on a crash diet. This will only sour you on eating right and will cause weight regain. And to really take these effects over the top, we also offer various medications or supplements. These work in different ways to help achieve an optimal outcome, be it by suppressing the appetite, helping you feel fuller, enhancing your overall metabolism, or providing essential nutrients to stoke your natural fat-burning processes.

And while these comprehensive plans work best for those with the most pounds to shed (especially individuals with a BMI of 30 or more), anybody seeking a leaner, fitter physique will benefit from the supervision and planning of our experienced physicians.

Contact us today to kick-start and supercharge your weight loss results

At Luminary MD in Mission Viejo, CA we'd love nothing more than to help you achieve the physique of your dreams while enjoying a newfound level of overall wellness. Our expert physicians can kick-start your transformative journey with laser lipo. Then help you maintain and enhance your results with a comprehensive medical weight loss personalized just for you. So reach out to us today to learn and explore your options.

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