Achieve Fresh Glowing Skin With Opus Plasma™ Treatment

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Our skin changes with each passing year. Age, genetics, and prolonged sun exposure all make our complexion appear older and more damaged. Even a proactive skin care regimen may not be enough anymore. If you want fresh and glowing skin again, the professionals at Luminary MD offer an advanced treatment known as Opus Plasma.

Opus Plasma uses the power of plasma technology to target all kinds of skin concerns. It’s perfect for overcoming fine lines, discoloration, acne scars, and more. Best of all, treatment is personalized based on your cosmetic goals. If you live in Irvine, CA, and are interested in skin resurfacing through Opus Plasma, meet with expert Dr. Robert Milanes or one of our specialists today. We can help you get back a youthful glow.

What is the Opus Plasma?

Many people struggle with concerns like uneven skin texture, acne scars, and age spots. Over-the-counter creams may not be enough to reverse signs of aging or damaged tissue. When drugstore products no longer have an effect on your skin, Opus Plasma can help you enjoy refreshed results with little to no downtime.

The Opus Plasma focuses on creating tiny micro-injuries to encourage the growth of new skin cells. Plasma treatment provides amazing results and requires much less time in recovery when compared to harsh laser treatments and other skin care solutions. And as we mentioned, the intensity can be adjusted based on whether you want light, moderate, or dramatic results.

Who is a candidate for skin resurfacing?

Opus Plasma skin resurfacing is safe and effective for most skin types, but not everyone is qualified for treatment. During an assessment in our office, we can review your general health as well as any skin conditions you may have. If you are prone to keloid scarring or have eczema, Opus Plasma may not be right for you at this time.

Ideal candidates for skin resurfacing want to see aesthetic improvements and erase skin damage that makes them feel embarrassed or self-conscious. Our procedures can achieve great results for men and women with any of the following issues in Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, or Costa Mesa, CA:

  • Acne scars

  • Age spots

  • Fine lines

  • Rough or uneven skin texture

  • Hyperpigmentation

How does this treatment work?

Most patients see incredible results after just one Opus Plasma session in our office. However, we may recommend several sessions spaced a few weeks apart to achieve the maximum benefits. You can consult with our experienced team about future treatments as natural aging occurs.

Some redness is normal after skin resurfacing, as well as some other side effects, but these are tolerable, and you can return to your normal routines without any complications. Issues like discoloration and age spots should fade away as new skin cells produce over the following weeks and months.

Treat uneven skin texture and more

It’s time to come and experience the advanced Opus Plasma treatment for yourself at Luminary MD. When over-the-counter products are ineffective, and surgical procedures are too invasive, skin resurfacing provides just the right amount of refreshed results. To learn more about this innovative technology and what our clinic has to offer, meet with Dr. Robert Milanes or one of our team members in Irvine, CA. We are dedicated to delivering the safest and most effective outcomes possible.

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