Lunch Time Laser Lipo with Minimal Downtime

Discover how hundreds of ?smart? patients around Irvine, California are now living inside their ?DREAM BODY? in just 6 short weeks.

Watch yourself transform into the figure and body shape that you?ve always wanted. ??

Achieving the ?perfect? body figure is hard. We understand that much. In fact, in modern society, the odds are stacked against you!??

Think about it???

The tempting food around us, the lifestyle that we live in, the body age, the hormones, and the busy working life? these are all geared towards one thing and that is to make both men and women have a hard time achieving the body shape of their dreams.??

That?s why, if you are finding it hard to gain the body that you want, if you are finding it difficult to lose weight or find time to go to the gym? you are NOT alone.??

But worry not, because Dr. Robert Milanes of ?Luminary MD? has the ?perfect? solution. ??

While you are struggling to make time to exercise and eating healthy, you may be wondering how you can beat all these odds and finally be able to fit in those beautiful dresses that you?ve kept hidden in the darkest corners of your closet for so many years. ??

Tumescent Liposuction is the answer. In fact, many celebrities out there take advantage of this state of the art technology to almost instantly reduce the fat in their body to look good.??

Being the most effective form of liposuction, our clients usually see a noticeable difference right after the procedure is performed. ??

NOTE: Tumescent Liposuction also pairs amazingly with Dr. Roberts? Emsculpt package as it is geared towards the building of muscles after a liposuction procedure. ?Find out more about EMSculpt and our special 25% discount

With our Tumescent Liposuction, the entire procedure is done professionally with the patient wide awake using local anesthesia (absolutely no risky general anesthesia required).

Performed by our esteemed Dr. Robert Milanes, the whole process is kept fast, safe and most importantly pain-free. In fact, over the years Dr. Robert has successfully helped both men and women from all over the world to achieve the body of their dreams.

??Be the best version of YOU!?

The benefits of Dr. Robert Milanes? Tumescent Liposuction include (not limited to):??

  • Fast Noticeable Results (check the mirrors right after to see a brand new you!)?
  • Painless Procedures (we use local anesthetics that are totally safe and secure!)?
  • Minimum Bruising And Fast Recovery (no suffering after surgery!)?
  • Safest Form Of Liposuction (100% FDA Approved! Have an ease of mind knowing that you are in good hands!)?-
  • Reasonable Pricing (need us say more?)?- Personal Financing Via CareCredit Is Available (We?ve got this covered too! Talk to us to find out more!)?
  • Friendly And Caring Staff! (Your wellbeing and smile are what we live for!)

?Driven by passion, Dr. Robert Milanes strives to help any patient looking to improve their figure and feel great once again. He will always access your medical history and find out what kind of results you are seeking before advising you more on what you need with the utmost care during a FREE consultation.

Get FIRST-CLASS care with providers that will treat you like family!?? Call Now To Book Your FREE Consultation And Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat Fast!??

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???I never thought I would see THIS version of myself ever again? Post Pregnancy Weight Gain is a tough nut to crack! I am glad I found Dr. Milanes.?~ Lucy K.

What does tumescent Liposuction mean???

Tumescent in medical terms means swollen and firm. ??Tell me more about Tumescent Liposuction???Tumescent Liposuction is a technique that injects large volumes of diluted local anesthesia into the fat beneath the skin. During the process, we will carefully inject these large volumes of fluid solutions to cause the targeted area to be swollen and firm making the liposuction procedure a complete breeze. ?Do I lose blood during Tumescent Liposuction? ? One of the benefits of this form of liposuction is that it is very effective in minimizing blood loss (from our vast experience, it?s only about 15 to 30 ml) during the whole operation.??

Will I get a lot of bruises after the operation?

??Yes, there will be bruises, but only minor bruises. Tumescent Liposuction is known to cause a much lesser amount of bruises on patients when compared to other liposuction methods that use general anesthesia during the procedure.? Beauty is about enhancing what you already have! Let yourself shine through. ??That?s right, everyone has their own unique look and features. Dr. Milanes believes that Tumescent Liposuction is a great way to enhance and bring out the beauty that you already have. A little bit of trimming down on unwanted fat at the right spot can make a world of difference in how you look.??You Deserve To Look Great! Add alluring curves to your body NOW!??

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