Laser Assisted Liposuction, Skin Tightening & Fat Transfer

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall??

Finally, a way for you to look fuller, younger and more beautiful by using a technology that makes use of the once ?DREADED? body fat.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and asked where have all those youthful years gone? Yes, time waits for no one and age shows pretty much on everyone?s face. People around the world have struggled for the longest time just thinking of how to improve their looks while spending half their salaries on multitudes of skin products and makeups every single month.

You see? as we age, our skin quality slowly loses its natural structure. Some will notice their face, cheeks, hands, breast or buttocks lose volume, making prime spots such as facial areas looking aged and ?saggy?. And not only do we lose volume that impacts our looks, but we also gain fat volume on our body parts such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs where is it least welcomed.

The good news is, if you live anywhere near Irvine, California, Dr. Robert Milanes, has a definite proven solution. Being the first clinic in Orange County to offer fat transfer service via a device called Beautifill?, you can now ?Shift? unwanted volumes of body fat to other spots where more volume is desired.

What is Beautifill??

Beautifill? is a brand new Fat transfer treatment that uses a state of the art device paired with laser energy which gently loosens the fat under the skin to be harvested. Once these live fat cells are harvested, it is then injected into areas on the body where it is needed most such as the face, hands breast and buttocks. Beautifill? has proven to give a 98% viability rate where the live fats are carefully harvested for the purpose of re-implantation. What this means is that this fat transfer method is essentially much more durable and longer-lasting than any other methods available today.

Be your own kind of Beautifill?!

Why Choose Dr. Milanes? Beautifill Treatment?

  • Immediate Noticeable Results (not only will you look smaller where it should? you?ll look fuller where it matters!)
  • A Pain-Free Experience (we only use safe local anesthetics for our Beautifill Treatments)
  • Ultra-Fast Recovery (you can even go back to work the NEXT day!)
  • Safest Form Of Fat Transfer Procedure (100% FDA Approved! We?ll take good care of you!)
  • More cost-effective than using traditional fillers that do not last!
  • Personal Financing Via CareCredit (Find out more!)
  • Friendly And Caring Staff! (Your satisfaction is our priority!)
  • Free first consultation (Get expert advice from Dr. Robert Milanes himself!)

Dr. Robert Milanes has an unparalleled interest to help his patients achieve the results they want using only the safest practice. Being personable he wants nothing but the best for his clients. He approaches each case diligently with a friendly and caring attitude.

Interested To See If Our Beautifill Treatment Can Work For You? Call Now To Book Your FREE Consultation And Transfer Fat To Where It Is Needed Fast!

How many treatments does our Beautifill require?

Most cases we received require only one treatment. You?ll be able to see instant noticeable difference right after the treatment is done and each treatment is set to last for many years.

Is this going to be a painful experience?

No. Don?t worry, our Beautifill? procedure is carried out by expert hands and under the use of local anesthetics. Furthermore, the advanced laser technology used will ensure minimum bruising and swelling when compared to other fat transfer methods that are available in the industry. However, patients may experience mild swelling and soreness up to 48 hours. And yes? you may resume your daily activities the very next day! Talk about fast recovery!

When things change inside you? things change around you.

It?s true when they say that your inner self will determine your outer world, and it?s not just a mental thing too. When you undergo a Beautifill treatment with Dr. Milanes, you?ll see a different side of you. A new ?YOU? that is brimming with newfound confidence and pure joy! You?ll be able to actually live your life and forget your age!

Get a Beautifill? Body and schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Milanes today. No-Obligations! Don?t forget to talk to us and see if our special discount is still available